Total Supply Chain Solutions offer you a much easier way to order and control your stock flow, from ordering to delivery: it’s about partnership and trust – and a genuine desire to offer the best value proposition.

We utilise volume ordering to allow better pricing and facilitate stock control at the manufacturing source.  This reduces the need for warehouse space at your premises and in the process expedites direct delivery to your production areas (by agreement). The result is Quality product, at the best value, delivered when required.

Logistically, it’s very simple for you – one order a year. We take your annual usage of a product and advise you of the most economical way to manufacture.  We will advise you of the best manufacturing batch sizes and, with agreement from you, will manufacture to maximum and minimum levels to ensure that stock is always available when you require it. Just provide us with your Bill of Material and drawings and we’ll do the rest.


"After some years of working with suppliers & subcontractors its nice to know that Tenkay are still there doing what they do well. Improving their service & offering new ideas… read more

Andy O'Donnell

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