Manufacturing calls for a wide variety of skills.  At Tenkay, we are here to help you design better, buy better and manufacture better.

We undertake printed circuit board assemblies, cable harness assemblies, and panel and cabinet build.  We also offer a total supply chain solution.

At the start of the process, we’ll gather as much information about your product as we can.  We’ll then identify if there are any changes to the design that will improve the manufacturing process.

We’ll check the bill of materials to see if there are any components that could cause supply or performance issues and suggest alternatives where possible.  Finally, we’ll build a manufacturing process that will meet your requirements of quality, quantity and time – every time.

All this, coupled with our established component purchasing power within the industry, means that time and again, we can minimise manufacturing costs while still being able to maintain and improve production quality for you.

Below are a reminder of some of the options that are open to you as standard.

Project Management Team
Dedicated Sales Account Manager
Production Flexibility
Dedicated Cell Production
Multi-Currency Trading
Stock Buffering
Product Scheduling
Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
Cable Harness Assemblies
Automated Wire Preparation
Electrical Sub-Contract Manufacturers
Offshore Options


For more information, please contact a member of our Sales team. Their numbers can be found in our department contacts section.


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