Introducing Our New SMT Line

Introducing Our New SMT Line

Keeping pace with technology is important for any business, but for Tenkay it is crucial. That is why we invited Nick Clarke, Product Manager at Blundell Production Equipment, to recommend the best possible solution to meet our requirement for a new SMT Placement System that would take us into the future and keep us there.

M20 Machine

The answer came in the form of a new state-of-the-art M20 machine from leading Japanese manufacturer I-Pulse – part of the giant Yamaha Motor Co. – which we hope to have up and running by mid-August.  Measuring 1.75 metres x 1.75 metres, the M20 will greatly enhance our component handling capability with the M20’s ability to handle parts from 01005 up to 120 x 90 mm including 30 mm high parts, probably the best range in its class.

The machine’s high feeder capacity of 144 x 8 mm slots will expand our feeder capacity and enable us to handle more complex PCB assembly.  The machine’s unique board handling range and flexibility means that we will be able to handle virtually any size of Printed Circuit Board up to 1,480 x 510 mm accurately and efficiently.  The M20 specified utilises 6 placement heads and is rated at 23,000 Cph (IPC rating) which boosts our placement capacity significantly.

The M20’s wide range of available options and retro fit capabilities gives us the ability to update and adapt in the future as necessary.  Unique features such as High accuracy Dispense for solder paste and other materials, Package on Package (PoP) handling and 3D Hybrid assembly options make the M20 a future proof platform. We see our latest six figure investment in equipment as a solution not just for today, but also for tomorrow.

After delivery in early August, the installation, tooling-up, programming, training and testing processes are expected to take around one week in total. Being an existing user of I-Pulse equipment, the installation and training will cause minimal disruption to our operations. Needless to say everyone at Tenkay is excited about the possibilities going forward, but looking after our clients’ needs remains, and will always remain, our number one priority.

At Tenkay, we pride ourselves on our quality manufacturing and customer service, so if you’re interested in seeing if we can work together, please give us a call today on 01903 855 455.

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