At Tenkay we believe that honesty really is the best policy. When you’re trying to get a project off the ground it’s like trying to finish the jigsaw without a picture. You’ve designed something fantastic and proved the design works. Now you need it to work first time… every time.

Working with you, we will help you to finish that jigsaw to allow it to be incorporated into your bigger picture. We will find the most economical way to produce your assemblies in volume, and where possible, we will automate processes to increase efficiencies and provide you with a product of the highest quality and standards. When we receive a new project, one of the very first things that we will do is to set up a Project Management Team. This team will be up-to-speed with every part of your enquiry or order.

Naturally, Tenkay will only be a part of this team, as nobody knows your products like you. We will mirror each department with you to ensure a greater understanding of your project.




"Edwards has faced new challenges these last five years with much of our operations moving overseas, managing significant upturns & downturns throughout. This has been a great challenge to our… read more

Daniel Williams

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